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ESRF Contact    DCM Workshop.   Double Crystal Monochromator Workshop - BY INVITATION ONLY
Scanning X-ray monochromators using perfect crystal Bragg optics for spectroscopy applications present demanding engineering challenges. We will review currently used monochromator designs and evaluate their performances and discuss advantages and problems
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ESRF Contact    COST SYRA3 First Training School.   COST SYRA3 First Training School on radiation therapy, biology and dosimetry
Registration form ONLY for the selected participants, the lecturers and organisers
ESRF Contact    TANGO/Sardana .   28th TANGO Collaboration Meeting
TANGO collaboration meetings are regularly organized by Tango community members to discuss Tango control system related subjects. This meeting will be followed by a meeting on SARDANA
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ESRF Contact    CRISP.   CRISP 3rd Annual Meeting
CRISP 3rd Annual Meeting will be organized by ESRF and ILL on the EPN Campus in Grenoble from 2 to 4 June 2014
ESRF Contact    Summer school 2014.   X-Ray and Neutron Science International Student Summer Programme at ESRF/ILL
Registration form ONLY for the selected participants, the lecturers and tutors
ESRF Contact    HSC16 - HSC17.   HSC16 - HSC17 HERCULES Specialized Courses, 15-19 September 2014, Grenoble
ONLY for the selected participants, the lecturers and the organizers
ESRF Contact    HSC16 and HSC17 .   Hercules Specialized Course
Hercules specialized courses on BioSAXS and Dynamics
ESRF Contact    XTOP 2014.   XTOP 2014
12th Biennal Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging