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Contact 01 Jun 2016 SoM Day Out.  SoM Day Out 1st June 2016
Structure of Materials "Day Out" at the Restaurant Coté Park, Golf de Bresson
Contact 01 Jun 2016 X-Ray Nanoprobe Day Out.  X-Ray Nanoprobe Day Out 1st June 2016
X-Ray Nanoprobe "Day Out" at the Chateau de la Baume, 38180 Seyssins
Contact 20 Jun - 24 Jun 2016 CWRF2016.  CWRF2016 WORKSHOP
Ninth Continuous Wave and High Average Power RF Workshop (CWRF2016)
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Contact 28 Aug - 23 Sep 2016 Summer school 2016.  X-Ray and Neutron Science International Student Summer Programme at ESRF/ILL.
Registration form ONLY for the selected participants, the lecturers and tutors
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Contact 03 Oct - 07 Oct 2016 IWAA 2016.  IWAA 2016
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